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Red Saints Blue Devils Webcomic Edition


Most RPGs have you fight giant bats and dragons.  Shadow Hearts is not one of those RPGs.

Images courtesy of letsplay:

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Aaaw. I miss the April Fool’s Top Hat already.*Sadface*


Behind Wei Yan’s mask.

OMG It all makes sense now.

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Hyakuman-nin no Bushou Kareshi♥ - Now, that’s an otome game that I would like to try! :3 Look at Nobunaga’s sexy shirt and jacket…

Wish it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke

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Welp, it’s Sunday 30th March in the UK and you know what that means? Obligatory Mothering Sunday picture here and guess who’s at the spotlight?

 I would have put Kagetora in there, but technically he isn’t Aya’s biological son.

Aw, poor Kanetsugu…being used as a chair for Kagekatsu to sit on, followed by the ‘Queen of Echigo’ being held by her lovely son. Don’t worry though, I’m sure the ‘HONOUR!HONOUR!HONOUR!’ guy loves the Uesugi more than his well-being. And probably sanity.

BTW, if you want to see the textless edition, head over to the Pixiv link here.

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[Cut due to Space Issues, but just hit the link to your right for a good explanation on why I’m going to do this fan translation and why I would need some help and support from Samurai/Dynasty Warriors and/or Ace Attorney fans, i.e. you]

 Reblogging for the sake of reblogging and a good amount of signal boost. Not going to give up until I have some sizeable amount of responses and see if fans would be willing to help me make this fan translation a reality.

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Great. The more I hear SW4’s music, the more I think DJ PON-3 must have stumbled into a portal that leads to the human realm and made remixes to the entire soundtrack of the game.

Especially the Honnoji one had this ‘traditional-Japanese-instrument-cum-ominous-organ-playing-cum-Gregorian(?)-choir-singing-cum-doom-bell-ringing-cum-psuedo-dubstep’ vibe going on.

Despite the fact that DJ PON-3 herself is a unicorn pony and might have some issues when collaborating with the Omega Force composers.

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みんな俺を捨てるんだ! ダッ!! の後みたいな


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after seeing Takatora Todo’s new illustration, I thought he might make a pretty rad attorney.

So I made a thing.

Saihai!Mitsunari would like you to have an ‘OBJECTION!’ challenge with this:

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