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Red Saints Blue Devils Webcomic Edition

Remember Suzuhito Yasuda, the guy who does the character design for the Devil Survivor series and ‘Durarara!!/DRRR!!’ ? Well, over to the Famitsu website, there’s an interview with him and I can’t get to it, since I don’t live in Japan and I haven’t got a tablet or smartphone. OK, so my mum and younger sister has one, but still, if anyone has got a picture of it, I would be grateful.

Anyways…Oh, my. Some Samurai Warriors lesbian action? I think it needs more yuri since SW (and Sengoku BASARA to the lesser extent) have a truckload of homoerotic subtext and it seriously needs some girl-on-girl subtexts to balance the issue out.

I’m not sure about Suzupin’s yuri pairing of choice…but I let it slide, since Aya-sama is my favourite character.

Oh, yeah, you can check out his tumblr and Twitter accounts, if you are so curious. You’re welcome.

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Please scatter this pic around to stop pixiv art reposting that happens on tumblr, or any other sites


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Eurgh.UK Summer. Really, really, warm and high pollen count nightmare, but let’s change the subject.

OK, so episode 15 is just another recap on the previous episodes so far, but don’t fret! It’s better than it should be:

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Taller than a hobbit, check. Red/orange hair, check. Mismatched outfit, check.

Ladies and gentlemen, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch!

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After several years of reading and waiting for 11 volumes of Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden, I finally finished reading the 12th and final volume.

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Looking at the front page at the of writing, it looks alright showing Yukimura, Lady Hayakawa and Nouhime for the CU page of Samurai Warriors 4.

However at the CU page of SW4 itself - so not only did they messed up the character arrangement [C’mon, CU! Put the Sanabros together], but they got the name orders mixed up and can’t decide if they wanted to put family names first or go for the Koei route of putting given names first, thus being inconsistent and confusing to the viewers.

And I face palmed when they show ‘Yukimura Sanada’ and ‘Takakage Kobayakawa’ on one page, they labelled Ujiyasu and Motonari as ‘Hojo Ujiyasu’ and ‘Mori Motonari’.

And if that’s not embarrassing enough, the CU’s pages for the original Samurai Warriors and 3 are strangely consistent on that they put their family names first (with the exception of 3, where they screwed up Nagamasa). Maybe someone should write a letter of complaint to CU, before things get worse.

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I was 6



3 lol


0 lol

4 mostly




i feel so young, and then i remember people who are 15 havent heard of DOOM

I was a fetus.




I think… 0? for the second half anyway…

Uhhh… 15? Is everyone on Tumblr younger than me?

Probably, yes…as I was 7 - 8 the last time I checked. *Shivers* That year was the darkest period for me. At least the 1st half of 1995.

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Yesterday, July 7, Sato Yasue, Jabi in GARO franchise, announced that she’s got married on May 27!


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Crimson Sea (2002) ad from Official Xbox Magazine. 

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"Crimson Sea"

  • GamePro, December 2002 (#171)
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